Name: Andrew D
Yrs Known: 5 Yrs


Buyer Review

It is with great privilege that I write to you in recommendation of Gail Oleaga for the Arizona Real Estate Achievement Award. During my time working with Ms. Oleaga, she exhibited extra ordinary dedication, guidance, and leadership.

Looking for a home is one of the most difficult and trying processes I have ever gone through. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lost in the fold. Do I rent or buy? How do I get a mortgage? What is an ARM? What does this document really mean? My concerns were endless. However, I was fortunate for have an ally, someone to help me through the process. I am so grateful I had Gail Oleaga.

While Ms. Oleaga was my agent, she was steadfast, fought for what I wanted and listened to my concerns. When I wasn’t sure of something, she explained it. When the deal hit some snags, she was instrumental in getting them solved. No doubt, the success of my experience hinged on her shoulders. But I was most impressed with Ms. Oleaga’s work ethic. As her client, she always had my concerns at the top of her list. No doubt, she is what you are looking for.