Dale Hillard
Dale Hillard
YRS Known:13 yrs
West USA Realty

Designated Broker


Gail Oleaga has been licensed with West USA since 1998 … and during that time has proven time and time again that she knows real estate…in serving her clients/customers well.  She does not have complaints coming into the office, but notes of praise for her caring.  She is effective with the complexity of sales, including the infamous “short sales.”  She calls and inquires of me, her Designated Broker, of the intricacies related to the law and the details of doing things correctly and ethically.  She is respected by her peers and is one of the top producers in our company. 

She clearly knows how to market herself --- and that is proved with one simple comment --- she is known (and used this slogan in her real estate promotion) as, “that girl in real estate.”  With her quick wit and ready response she handles the business in a relaxed, informal way, but never losing cite of her purpose --- to get the client what they need and want.

She is pleasant, diligent and ready to help with solving the problems for her clients.  I would love to have many more agents in our large expanding company with her love of the industry and her skills.